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Sunday Reads // 12.02.18

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Each Sunday I’ll be posting interesting and impactful articles I’ve read during the week focusing on sustainability in fashion, beauty, and consumer products. Is there anything better than spending a lazy Sunday, warm cup of tea in hand, catching up reading? I think not.

“The Suddenly Surging Business of Recycled Plastic Puffer Jackets” (Fashionista) – Modern retailers are introducing recycled plastic materials into their product lines as consumer demand for more sustainable solutions increase.

“is bryanboy right — is sustainability incompatible with fashion?” (i-D) – Fashion influencer Bryanboy believes fashion can never be sustainable. I happen to disagree. What about you?

“Report: Restaurant chains lag on toxic chemicals, while 21 retailers make progress to protect consumers” (Plastic Pollution Coalition) – Find out how your favorite retailers scored in terms of disclosing their use of toxic chemicals to customers.

“The Art of Woke Wellness” (The Atlantic) – A retreat in Palm Springs discusses consumerism and the current state of the wellness industry.

“Trawling for trash: the brands turning plastic pollution into fashion” (The Guardian) – Fashion brands are incorporating plastic trash into their designs, but is it enough?

“For Retailers And Brands, Sustainability Needs Good Tech” (Forbes) – Technology is the key to help fashion brands become more sustainable.

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